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Hawker Brownlow Teaching and Learning Conference – Day 1 Materials

The following links connect directly to session materials for the breakout sessions that Bill Ferriter is doing on the first day of the 2013 Hawker Brownlow Teaching and Learning Conference:

Empowering Students to Make a Global Difference

Do you believe that global awareness means more than simply learning about another culture’s food and holidays? Would you like to empower your students to become globally connected critical thinkers, problem solvers and decision makers who make a difference? Then come and learn more about how author and classroom teacher Bill Ferriter is using microlending to give his year-six students the opportunity to change lives in the developing world while practicing skills in the traditional curriculum all at the same time.

Communicating and Connecting with Social Media

By 2010, almost 70% of all online adults reported spending time interacting in social media spaces, spending almost 6 hours each month connecting with neighbours, learning from colleagues and building relationships with brands. Enterprising schools are beginning to use the same social media tools to provide customised professional development for teachers and to communicate with important stakeholders. In this session participants will explore the kinds of steps that interested school leaders can take to integrate social media spaces into the work of their buildings.

Digital Tools Can Make Differentiation Doable

If schools are truly working to ensure success for every student, learning experiences need to be customised and aligned to student interests, needs and unique learning styles. The challenge, however, rests in making differentiation manageable. While few teachers doubt the importance of differentiating, many struggle to make customised learning spaces a reality. In this presentation, participants are introduced to a range of digital tools that can be used to provide structure for differentiated classrooms and differentiate learning experiences by student interest.


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