While Bill is exceptionally proud of the fact that he is still a full-time classroom teacher, he is also determined to make a difference on education by working beyond his classroom as well.  To that end, he has started to offer consulting services for schools and districts locally, nationally and internationally.

He is comfortable offering support in a wide variety of areas ranging from teaching with technology to integrating literacy skills into the content classroom.

His personal passions are helping teachers to realize that digital tools can make work with essential skills more effective and efficient and helping students to realize that they can use digital tools to make a difference in their worlds.

Some of the most popular services that Bill provides include:

One and Two-Day Technology Workshops:  Are you interested in exposing your teachers to the ways that digital tools can be used to teach the learning objectives detailed in your state’s required curriculum or in curriculum detailed by national organizations like the Common Core or the Partnership for 21st Century Skills?

Bill can customize a one or two-day workshop that will introduce your teachers to technology-enhanced learning practices that are tied directly to the instructional standards that matter.

Team-Level Technology Coaching:  Changing teaching and learning spaces starts and ends with changing teachers — and changing teachers depends on finding comfortable starting points for progress.  To that end, consider asking Bill to spend a day in planning meetings with your professional learning teams. Working together, they will identify skills that matter, explore digital solutions for teaching those skills, and develop a plan for integrating those solutions into classroom practice.

Classroom Modeling:  Sometimes teachers need to see key instructional practices in action with students before they are willing to try something new.  To that end, consider asking Bill to spend a day working with your teachers to develop a lesson and then have him teach your students.  Doing so will give teams the opportunity to critique a practice together and to learn more about the role that peer observations can play in collaborative work.

To learn more about the kind of content that Bill brings to his workshops, consider exploring the resource wiki for the two-day technology workshop or the one-day workshop on laying the collaborative foundation in professional learning communities that he currently offers through his publisher, Solution Tree.

You might also be interested in the resources that Bill developed for a one-day workshop on creating highly engaged classrooms or the materials that he developed for a webinar on using digital tools to structure differentiated classrooms.

What makes Bill unique as a presenter and a professional development provider is that he is still a full-time classroom teacher.  That gives his voice a measure of credibility with teacher audiences that presenters who have left the classroom struggle to gain.  The solutions that Bill suggests for overcoming challenges are solutions that he’s actually tested — and when he talks about changing learning spaces for today’s kids, he’s literally talking about the students in his classroom.


Bill also works in a school with a year-round calendar.  He has three-week windows in October, January, April and July open to consult with schools and districts.  That makes him a perfect option for schools and/or districts looking to establish a ongoing relationship with a critical friend.


If you’re interested in learning more about working with Bill, feel free to email him directly at  You an also find him on Twitter or on LinkedIn.



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